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All The Old Familiar Places

[Reeve Tuesti's Journal]

Reeve Tuesti
10 March
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Name: Jen
Eljay: Jeannette
Email: Parodysue@hotmail.com
IMs: Shadowdancer29@aim, Parodysue@hotmail.com @ MSN, Shadowdancer925 OR Nurigamb @ Yahoo

Character's name: Reeve Tuesti
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Appearing Age: Mid-30s
Birthday: March 10
Place of birth: Midgar -- Gaia
Sexual Preference: Perpetually confused

Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'8”
Build: Surprisingly well-muscled, for a geek.

History/Timeline: Reeve first caught the attention of ShinRa, Manufacturing executives at the tail end of college, with his design for a triple-layered city. Even more attractive to ShinRa was his innovative use of the planet's lifestream, which he successfully condensed into Mako, a powerful (and seemingly limitless) source of energy. ShinRa Manufacturing quickly became the ShinRa Electric Power Corporation, and construction began on Midgar, Reeve's dream city. Although the third tier of the city was never completed, Reeve was offered a part-time position in the company's Urban Development department. The company sponsored his graduate degree, and after that was completed, he quickly moved up the ranks until he became head of the Urban Development department.

[FFVII] Not long after that, eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE began bombing Reeve's reactors. President Shinra made the ill-advised decision (a decision heartily protested by Reeve) to eliminate AVALANCHE by dropping a portion of Midgar's upper plate onto their hideout. Unfortunately, because of the structural design of the city, this involved destroying a full 1/7 of both the upper and lower sections. Shortly after this, AVALANCHE left the city to pursue Sephiroth. Reeve initially used his toysaurus Cait Sith to foil the group and spy on them. After his identity as a spy was discovered, tensions within the group remained high, but he forced AVALANCHE to keep Cait with them by kidnapping Barret's daughter, Marlene. The more time Cait spent traveling, though, the more Reeve began to question who here was actually the enemy. After Rufus's (supposed) death, he defected entirely to AVALANCHE's side, and spent most of the remaining game-time trying to evacuate Midgar before Meteor fell.

[Advent Children/Dirge or Cerberus] Cait and Reeve helped AVALANCHE out again during the battle with the Sephiroth Clones, but after Holy and Meteor Reeve spent most of his time working to repair the damage that had been done to his city. His original plan to rebuild Midgar was scrapped, after it became clear that the land was too polluted by Mako Radiation from the leaking reactors. Instead, he formed the World Regenesis Organization, dedicated to the construction of Edge and the continued protection of its residents. Reeve, leading the WRO, assisted Vincent during the Deepground incident to eliminate the Tsviets.

Personality: Reeve's very mechanically minded, so he tends to be fairly awkward in his social interactions. Tact is a foreign concept to him, as is lying, though he's gotten a little better at both. He tends to blurt things out without realizing they're hurtful. Other times, he means something sarcastically or as a joke, but it comes out unintentionally harsh or hurtful. He's a lot more proficient at dealing with group dynamics – or even better, inanimate objects! -- and so he tends to shy away from social interactions. He prefers to communicate in writing, or, if necessary, over the phone, rather than braving face to face interactions, because it gives him more time to consider what he's saying.

Paradoxically, when Reeve does get close to someone, he gets very attached very quickly. Even after his time in ShinRa, he tends to trust too easily. He always expects the best of everyone, which is a double-edged sword: people who respond to his trust generally rise to meet it, but people who couldn't care less abuse his trust and fall short of his expectations. He never learns from these experiences, either, and goes on with his shiny, endlessly irritating optimism.

On the darker side, when Reeve does crash, he crashes hard. He tends to take responsibility for every negative event to befall anyone, ever. This leads to a lot of guilt and self-recriminations, which manifests as sulks. Sometimes these can go for weeks or even months until someone smacks him out of it.


Cats and animatronics
Food: Baked potatoes with mild chili spooned over them. His ulcer-preventing stress food.
Drink: Coffee. In bulk.
Color: He doesn't really think about colors, he tends to stick to black and whites. Sometimes he's adventurous and tries blues!
Likes: Tinkering with animatronics, architecture, kittens
Dislikes: Shouting, fighting of any sort, politics, having his heart broken.
Talents: He'd deny it, but he's very good at mediating conflicts, architecture, and tinkering.

Weaknesses: He's utterly useless in a physical altercation, and not so great in verbal ones, either. His avoidance of arguments has definitely put him in positions where he's harmed his friends accidentally. He tends to hurt himself by growing overly attached to people who don't know he exists, or have no interest in him. He's also rather passive aggressive, and takes a sort of twisted form of revenge through over-academic, sarcastic insults.

Special Abilities: Well, he took a lot of “fun” courses in animatronics and is great at making mechanical toys. Other than that, he's a talented architect, but that's about it.

.45: Shinedown
Shed My Skin: Alter Bridge
So Cold: Breaking Benjamin
Here With Me: Dido
Downfall: 311
Fallen: Sarah McLachlan
Ugly: The Exies
Out of My Mind: James Blunt
Soul Meets Body: Death Cab for Cutie
Humpty Dumpty: Aimee Man
In The Shadows: The Rasmus
The Kill (Acoustic): 30 Seconds to Mars
Just a Bum: Prudence Johnson
Invincible: Muse