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[000] OOC Concrit post/Contact

Have a comment on one of my muses that you're just dying to share? Let me know here! This is a Concrit post for:

Reeve Tuesti || urbandev || Final Fantasy VII
Jecht || yacantdoitkid || Final Fantay X
Alphonse Elric || ironysoul || Fullmetal Alchemist
Donna Moss || hastypingtodo || The West Wing
Perry the Platypus || of_action || Phineas and Ferb
Woody Pride || snakeinmahboot || Toy Story
Shin Mouri || brbgonefishin || Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
James Norrington || chapter_behind/cmdr_scruffy || Pirates of the Caribbean

Things that are in:
+Flaily praise (Seriously, who doesn't love it? XD)
+Contact pings
+Aesthetically pleasing cat macros captioned with amusing grammar.

Things that are out:
+Apocolypsies. Ses. Apocolypsi.

Anon is ON though I encourage you not to use it. IP is OFF. Concrit is GO.

[rl for Reno and 11-12]

[For once, Reeve actually made it back to the condo before 11-12. He'd gotten in touch with Kasumi and now he had Reno (And Harley?) under his care. He wasn't sure how 11-12 was going to react to finding his ex-lover sleeping in their bed, though. Even if he was stuck as a cat.]

[RL with 11-12]

After the house finally released them at dawn, Reeve and 11-12 found themselves back in the condo. The bonecrushing terror of the dark freezer had finally ebbed, but Reeve was still shaking as he pressed a gentle kiss to 11-12's cheek and stumbled toward the bedroom. Hopefully they could still get some rest, despite the sunlight streaming through the open windows.
Reeve worked for several hours after 11-12 had gone to bed, trying to iron out the problems with the hydroelectric dam so that they could move forward on construction before the snow began to fall. As a result, he slept late the next morning, although he hadn't forgotten his promise to take 11-12 out for clothes and to see the ocean.

He finally rose at a little after 9 AM, clothed in pajamas that were a very close match to the set he'd loaned 11-12, and stumbled into the kitchen with eyes only for his coffee pot. He guessed that his houseguest was already awake, but the boy might want to steer clear until he'd been properly caffeinated.
[Private to Kaylee]

Sweetheart, do you have the blueprints for Serenity? I'd like to see if I a similar part for that compression coil.

[Private to 11-12]

Is there a time you can get a few hours alone and undisturbed?

[RL for Reno]

Reeve knew he should be upset with Reno after the comments the Turk had made, but he couldn't summon more than mild irritation. After all, the Turk had only made things worse with his teasing, but this mess wasn't his fault. And it was true -- Reeve had been in an unconventional relationship that had drawn a great deal of attention.

He waited for the redhead to arrive, flipping idly through a file without really reading. He couldn't focus today, and there was nothing immediate that needed his attention.

[RL for Rufus]

[Things had quieted down since Yuffie and Vincent had put Reeve back in place. Business was continuing at the WRO -- except, of course, for ShinRa business, which remained frozen while Reeve waited for Rufus to start behaving.

For now, he was settled at his desk. A plate of food, mostly forgotten, sat cooling beside him, whereas his coffee mug was almost drained. It was late, and he was working -- after all, there was no reason to rush home now.

[RL for Kaylee]

After speaking to her on the community, Reeve readied Cait Sith and prepared to worldhop himself to Serenity. As requested, he brought himself directly to the engine room to avoid any contact with the crew. And, though Kaylee wouldn't yet recognize what a rare event this was, he was clothed in casual "grub clothes" -- a pair of loose cotton pants and a stained button down, far too worn for business. After all, he was going to be digging around in an engine for the girl.

Once he arrived, he began peering around the large central engine. It was enormous, and his fingers itched to get started -- but not without his expert guide.


Voice/RL for Tseng

So. If you acquired a Flame Point Siamese -- I have a picture here for those who would like a reference -- What would you name it, Community?

[RL for Tseng]

After going to Shanoa's to retrieve the kitten, Reeve brought the tiny creature back to the condo. First things first -- he cleared the study of the other cats, creating one room where the kitten could acclimate to their scents without having to face them. Then he opened the carrier door and put it on the floor, grabbed his laptop, curled up on the couch -- and that was it. When the first tiny paw batted out of the crate, he ignored it utterly. Kitten? What kitten. Not in this room.
I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places

That this heart of mine embraces all day through

In that small cafe, the park across the way

The children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well

I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day

In everything that's light and gay

I'll always think of you that way

I'll find you in the morning sun

And when the night is new

I'll be looking at the moon,

But I'll be seeing you


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